So there were naked photos taken, because I was trying to make myself feel a little better by trying to figure out what I liked about my looks.

It’s kind of sad that the only thing I could think of was “I have fucking birthing hips”

You are a sexy lady, how many times do i have to explain this. Show us pics of your cute clothes.
the pics of the cute clothes will be banished to the black hole that is deleted pictures. =w=” There is zero confidence on that front no matter how many compliments I get. If I don’t like my body, I can’t really feel like I look sexy. I could change how my body looks, if it weren’t for the bad days where I think I look hideous that just makes me give up. Aka, Too Much Chocolate days.

So good news, my swimsuit still fits.

Uuuuuunfortunately I look like a beached whale in a sausage skin.

I want to go swimming. But at the same time I don’t want to.

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QuestionI left wow for wildstar and I'm never looking back. Answer


Welcome to the fold.


I have clothes in my closet I’d forgotten I owned. I also remember that I don’t know WHY I own them. They’re cute, but… I don’t ever wear them. Ever. Why do I still have these?

Anyway, this may or may not have resulted in me putting them on and taking photos. Bad ones. Possibly a few trying to be sexy. And failing.

New production stills of The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies from Empire Magazine.


There is nothing better than being called cute or sexy by your significant other. =/////w//////= <3

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Favorite lotr Scenes [6/9]: Death Is Just Another Path

The little hobbit stared up at the old wizard’s face, softened, quiet, and full of peace…”